Information and Communications Technology

Students at Tallangatta Primary School enjoy excellent opportunities to experience 21st century learning.  The School strongly supports the philosophy of the preparation and education of today’s students for the future.  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is integral to all learning for students as they develop skills in using ICT for problem solving, expressing ideas, and presenting information to different audiences.  With 24 laptops available between 2 classrooms, and 10 tablets, students have access to this technology on a daily basis.

From Prep to Year 6, students at Tallangatta Primary School utilise Web 2.0 technologies together with EduSTAR applications, across all key learning areas which engages and equips students with essential skills for the 21st century.  Explicit teaching of computer skills, and exposure to various software programs for problem solving, expressing ideas and presenting information, coupled with learning the social and ethical responsibilities of using ICT, provide students with these skills.  The school utilises Skooville and the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) Cyber Smart resources to teach the importance of avoiding and speaking up against cyber bullying and how to be cyber safe.

All laptops are equipped with EduSTAR which includes the latest versions of over 80 different software programs.  These programs are utilized across various year levels and learning areas to encourage thinking creatively, problem solving and design.