Kitchen and Garden Program

Our goals are to

  • Create a magical garden filled with edible herbs, fruits and vegetables.
  • Use the garden as a learning tool for students to learn about the importance of healthy soils, organic gardening methods, sowing seeds, saving seeds, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.
  • Set up a wood-fired oven to cook our produce and create a community meeting place

To achieve our goals we plan to

  • Develop our garden by planting seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • Set up a chicken enclosure, incorporating fencing.
  • Promote waste management systems.
  • Involve all students, parents and volunteers in planning, caring and sharing our garden dream.
  • Set up outdoor learning seating in our garden with paving, and shade sails for summer days.
  • Showcase artwork completed by our students and encourage colour, texture and artistic flair.

Garden Program 2012