Transition Program

The Transition Program at Tallangatta Primary School aims to ensure the transition between Kinder to Prep, Grade to Grade and from Grade 6 to Secondary College is a smooth process. The Transition Program provides students with an opportunity to experience success in what may be an unfamiliar environment with new expectations.

Kinder to Prep

Successful transitions are vitally important for everyone at Tallangatta Primary school. Staff work in partnership with Tallangatta Kindergarten and Tallangatta Secondary Collage to make this anxious time in our students lives move in a smooth way to relief some stress around these new experiences.

Tallangatta Primary begins the transition process from Kinder to school early. Working with the Kinder, students visit Tallangatta Primary for activity days and some special events such as our Olympic activity day in 2012 and some classroom visits in 2013. Kinder students are visited by their teacher for the following year in the Kinder to begin getting to know this new person.

During term 4 (the year before Kinder students begin school for the first time) students participate in 4 orientation days. These are all on Wednesday’s during November. These days are an opportunity to get to know the school lay out, staff and some activities that may happen at school such as story time, using computers, food technology and recess and lunchtimes. These days begin slowly and build up to a final full day of school.

A large factor in our transition success for our young students is the building of buddy relationships with the grade 5 students. The new students are matched with a buddy from the grade 5 class. Each school visit the buddies will come and help out in the classroom and their new buddy. This is a person the new students can go to for help and support when they being school in the following January.

Grade to Grade

Each year brings with it change, this change is supported by an in-school transition phase. At the end of each year students are allocated their new grade, new teacher and new classroom. On a chosen day, students are given the opportunity to spend the day in their new classroom, with their new teacher and new classmates. On this day students are given opportunities to bond with new classmates and learn new routines and expectations. This process once again sets up success for all parties involved.

Grade 6 to Secondary College

The transition from Grade 6 to Secondary College is a significant one. Another strong partnership has been developed with the Tallangatta Secondary College, allowing opportunities for the Secondary College students to regularly be involved with students from Tallangatta Primary School. Programs that see our two school partnered together are the TSC Personal Best Program and the Sports Leaders ‘Junior School Games’.  Tallangatta Primary School grade 5 and 6 students also participate in occasional visits to the Secondary College, whether it is; to watch a concert, be involved in a cluster 5/6 science program or to challenge the Year 7 & 8 students to a maths game.

OVERALL, Tallangatta Primary School is proud of our Transition Program and has seen many successful transitions from all of the above.