Student Engagement Policy

At Tallangatta Primary School we endeavour to give students the opportunity to develop sound social skills and emotional wellbeing strategies.
Tallangatta Primary School has a current and regularly updated Students Engagement Policy that focuses on One Golden Rule and Five Supporting Rules.

Our Golden Rule

  • Treat others as you would like to them to treat you.

Our Five Supporting Rules

  • Have reasons for the things you say and do.
  • Pursue your personal best not matter who you work with.
  • Be Brave – Participate to progress
  • Have the strength to be sensible
  • Be the master not the victim of your feelings

Every week at TPS we hold a whole school assembly where the focus is on one of our school rules. Staff provide a tune in session where students engage in role plays, you tube clips and stories. This rule is further explored in a “Games Factory” Game designed by Wilson McCaskil. In multi-age groups students are given a chance to make mistakes and taught how to get through those times using socially acceptable strategies.

Across our school we aim to be clear and consistent in our expectations. Every classroom has follows a three step positive and negative consequence system. This system is the same across the school and works to acknowledge and act on both inappropriate behaviour as well as exceptional behaviour that is displayed at Tallangatta Primary School.

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Student Engagement Policy 2013-02-19s